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About Us

The genesis of LIONS CLUB OF MYSORE WEST down the memory lane

M.K.Gandhi said:

"Be the change you want to see in this world"

Change is what has driven the Lions Club of Mysore West over the last thirty two years, and is the force behind the story of this special unit.

A good many years ago, when Mysore was still famously known for it's laidback spirit and as a “pensioner's paradise”, a dynamic group of people concurred that it was time for better things to happen in this city . Lions Club of Mysore, as part of it's Extension Programme conceived the idea of a separate entity that was called Lions Club of Mysore West. Inaugurated on the 8th of February, 1981 by District Governor Lion B. L. S. Murthy, the club's genesis was largely shaped by the guidance of Lion Shankar Rao and Lion Dr. C. D. Murthy who wished the club to be exclusive and elite, not only in it's ideas but also in terms of the gentry forming the membership of this fledging club.

There indeed was a group of 40 men who ticked all the boxes and thus Lions Club of Mysore West came into existence with Lion Ashvini Ranjan as the Charter President, Lion K. R. Kumar as Secretary and Lion N. Ramesh as Treasurer. download